Ivy Hockey Academy and Sports Camps Canada have teamed up to provide the best in Ice Hockey Summer Camps across Canada. From on ice drills and games, to dry land training and improving skills off ice, we know what it takes to improve your game!

IVY HOCKEY ACADEMY is a complete hockey school that now offers Skill Development Clinics as well as Full and Half-Day Hockey Camps throughout Ontario to match your needs. Grouping participants by age and ability, Ivy Hockey Academy emphasizes skill development, sportsmanship and fun in a structured and supportive learning environment.


Ivy Hockey Academy, is guided by a philosophy that stresses development of players’ hockey abilities in an environment that is fun, an atmosphere of learning, and in balance with a full range of other physical and mental activities. Our goal is for a developing athlete to enjoy our program, improve as a player, and learn valuable lessons they can apply to the rest of their life.


Ivy Hockey Academy staff have a wide wealth of experience both on and off the ice, including expertise playing hockey at the Junior, College, Professional and International levels; certified fitness training and kinesiology; teaching and formal education; and many years of direct experience in on-ice hockey instruction and full-program Summer Camps.

"I'm Jack Moore. On behalf of Ivy Hockey, let me say that Success in achieving goals derives from your approach. We want to share with you the training methods and secrets that allowed my three sons to win Hockey Scholarships and make it to the NHL. Please look through the website and tell us how we can help you achieve your goals on and off the ice."

John K. MacDonald is the Director of Ivy Hockey Academy powered by Sports Camps Canada 2019. Having been passed the torch by previous directors Mark Moore and John A. MacDonald (John K.’s father), he is keen to lead the Ivy Program this summer with a fresh approach to developing young players.

Coach John K. is celebrating his 14th year associated with the Ivy Hockey Academy including eight years of both on and off-ice coaching. Indeed, having worked alongside veteran coaches like his father and professional players like Mark Moore and his brothers, Steve and Dominic, Coach John K. looks forward to another great Ivy summer camp season.

Certainly, with his exceptional coaching background and long history of hockey experience - including many stellar achievements with the Lindsay Muskies Jr. A team - John knows what it takes to help your child be successful in life both on and off the ice and is looking forward to working with you at camp this summer!

Mark Moore - Ivy Hockey Academy

  1. Professional Hockey player, NHL Draft Pick- Pittsburgh Penguins
  2. Harvard University NCAA scholarship
  3. Jr.A- Thornhill Islanders
  4. Toronto Star All-Star- St.Mike’s
  5. Recently retired due to injury
  6. Experience Teaching Hockey since 1991. Instructor-in-Chief of Ivy Hockey since 2005.

Dominic Moore - Ivy Hockey Academy

  1. Current NHL player- New York Rangers
  2. Stanley Cup Finals- 2015 New York Rangers, Final Four- 2015 New York Rangers, 2011 Tampa Bay Lightning, 2010 Montreal Canadiens
  3. 2008/9 Player & Associate Captain, Toronto Maple Leafs
  4. Winner of 2014 NHL Masterton Trophy
  5. Member of 2006-07 Pittsburgh Penguins, with teammate Sidney Crosby

Steve Moore - Ivy Hockey Academy

  1. Former NHL player- Colorado Avalanche
  2. Nominee for NCAA Division I College Hockey Player of the Year (2001)
  3. Graduate of Harvard University
  4. Ivy League Rookie of the Year (1998)
  5. Scored goal to set an NHL record: 5 fastest goals in NHL History, 1 team
  6. NCAA Division I Tennis Player, Harvard University

Dave Moore - Ivy Hockey Academy

  1. 30+ Years experience teaching hockey
  2. Certified Power Skating Instructor
  3. Certified Fitness Trainer
  4. Has Personally Trained NHL players:
    1. Patrick Kane, NHL MVP, 3-Time Stanley Cup Champion (CHI)
    2. Drew Doughty, NHL Best Defenceman, 2-Time Stanley Cup Champion (LA)
    3. Corey Perry, 2-time Team Canada Olympic Gold Medalist, Stanley Cup Champion (ANA)
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